Self storage in St. Louis MO

Self Storage in St. Louis, MO

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to getting organized. At A-1 Locker Rental Self Storage on 4427 Meramec Bottom Rd, we’re here to assist you. We offer self storage solutions in Oakville, MO, to our city and the surrounding St. Louis communities of Arnold and Imperial in Jefferson County, Mehlville, Concord Village, Sappington, Sunset Hills, and Lemay in St. Louis County. If you're close to I-55, our storage facility is convenient for you to use.

A-1 Locker Rental Self Storage on 4427 Meramec Bottom Rd offers month-to-month lease terms for residential and commercial self storage uses along with inside storage units large enough to be used for automobile storage of classic cars. We also have storage units that have doors wide enough to be used for bass boat storage and small RV storage. Our units range in size from 5’X10’ to 10’X30’. You can access your belongings anytime, day or night, seven days a week.

4427 Meramec Bottom Rd. Facility

4427 Meramec Bottom Rd. St. Louis, MO 63129


Self Storage Features

Our facility is equipped with a number of features designed to enhance your self storage experience:

  • Insulated Roofs – We have an insulation blanket under all of our roof panels to help eliminate condensation from forming on the bottom side of our roofs. Condensation from warm, moist air can pool on a cool uninsulated roof and drip onto the contents of the storage unit below. Insulating our roof panels helps keep your belongings dry.
  • Climate-controlled Storage Units Available – At A1 Locker Rental Self Storage we have a climate-controlled storage area that maintains a year round temperature range of 40 to 85 degrees. This helps protect stored Items from freezing and helps keep you comfortable while working in your storage unit year round.
  • Humidity-controlled Storage Area – Our climate-controlled area is also humidity controlled 24 hours a day, which is something an air conditioner will not do when it is not running. Our dehumidifiers reduce the air moisture content to below 55%, which is just another step we take to keep your stored items dry.
  • Ozone Air Purifier – Our climate-controlled area also features an Ozone Air Purifier, which ads an additional oxygen molecule to the air creating that fresh air smell that you experience just after a spring rain. The benefit to you is that your stored cloth items come out of storage smelling fine.
  • Video Camera Recoding – We have digital video cameras to help us see activity on the self storage facility premises.
  • 30’ Wide Driveways – You’ll have no problem maneuvering your moving truck or van at our facility. We get you in and out fast.

For more information on A1 Locker Rental Self Storage on 4427 Meramec Bottom Rd, contact us today.

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